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2020 Hospitality Innovation Awards

Recognizing the top innovators in the global hospitality community

About the Hospitality Innovation Awards 

Every year more than a hundred of the top companies across the globe compete for a chance to earn the coveted ‘top rated’ title in their category in the annual HotelTechAwards produced by Hotel Tech Report where winners are determined based off of thousands of verified hotelier reviews.

The Hospitality Innovation Awards are produced in tandem with the HotelTechAwards and honor the Most Innovative Hotel Properties, Groups and Managers in the world.  Candidates are nominated by their peers and winners are similarly chosen by our community spanning thousands of hoteliers and technology creators around the world.

How it works


Nominations open

Nominations will open for the global hospitality community to cast up to 3-nominations per category.

  • Nominate your colleagues, clients and partners
  • Complete nomination submission (5-minutes)


Community voting

The voting site goes live for thousands of hospitality industry professionals across globe to view the nominees and cast their votes.

  • Nominees will be added to the ballot for the community to vote on
  • Voting ballot sent to thousands of members of the global hospitality community for voting
  • Top 10 nominees will be recognized as finalists

Featured Hoteliers

We worked in data and analysis, not systems and processes. With that in mind, on any given day, you'd find me in Think-Cell. 10 years later, that'd probably be Tableau or Looker. Since my first job as an investment banker, I've always been fascinated with telling stories through numbers and data.

Alexandra Zubko

Former VP, Global Head of Strategy, Intercontinental Hotels

PMS, Fax machine, 56k modem, Palm Pilot, Blackberry, Email, Chat, iPhone, cloud… It’s changing every few years. And every time, it’s impressive how we can become dependent so quickly on a specific tool or device. After many years working in technology as a hotelier, I believe that what matters most is a proper open architecture to remain relevant and agile.

Laurent Idrac

Former CIO, Accor Hotels

Since the beginning I was very curious. Every time a vendor called me I saw it as an opportunity to learn something new, to build my network, understand the market from a different perspective and potentially find something that would make more money for the company I was working for. I was thirsty to learn and then it became a habit.

Vassilis Syropoulos

Former VP, Demand Management, Pandox Hotels

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How do nominations work? Who can nominate?

Any member of the global hospitality community is eligible to nominate other members of the community once the nomination ballot opens.

What is the criteria and how are winners determined?

In order to be eligible, companies and indivduals must be nominated by another member of the hospitality community.  Nominees will then be added to the voting ballot that will be opened to the global hospitality community for voting.  Finalists will be determined by popular vote.

How much does it cost to participate?

Nominations are free for hospitality professionals.  Vendors may also nominate partners and clients however there is a fee of $250/nomination that goes towards reviewing each nominees application.

*Note: Vendors registered to participate in the HotelTechAwards are eligble for 3-free nominations.

How are winners determined?

Once all nominations have been submitted, Hotel Tech Report will post nominations publicly which will include a voting ballot. 

Voters are required to vote with a professional email to verify their vote as coming from a hospitality industry professional.

The top 10 nominees in each category with the most votes will be recognized as finalists and the nominee with the most votes will be crowned the winner.